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International Trade

NetBasis International is its clients trusted trading partner in our markets. We help our foreign manufacturer partners engage in business activities with local partners. We perform necessary and relevant markets and trade research and investigations and maintain competitive trade knowledge. We assist our manufacturing partners to evaluate their business potential, customers, international partners, quality control, management and leadership, and financial issues.

Your benefit from our International Trade services include:

  • Assisting in contract and cost structure negotiations to achieve the most cost effective pricing structure, most acceptable payment terms and most reliable warranties
  • Working with our clients’ management and local law firms to approve and finalize new business proposals
  • Giving insights and staying up-to-date on trade policies and regulations 
  • Providing support in obtaining necessary licenses and agreements for trading
  • Responding to queries related to international trade procedures
  • Processing import ruling requests and custom documentation and filings
  • Providing for reliable delivery schedules by supply chain assistance
  • Ensuring shipments conformity to domestic and international rules and regulations

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