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NetBasis International - linking people & business

NetBasis International was founded in early 2008 in Düsseldorf. Since then, we have been offering foreign manufacturers in the telecommunications and/or IT industry who wish to expand their business into the DACH markets or to intensify their existing activities, under the motto "linking people & business", any form of consultancy and commercial support as well as help in the market-specific product development or adaptation.

Together with our manufacturing partners, we answer all questions and work for them for exactly one concern: Success and best business results in new markets!

To achieve this goal, foreign companies through us get immediate access to industry-specific knowledge, years of experience and extensive contacts, with us they avoid cultural and/or linguistic barriers while being immediately present, and from us they receive prompt work on market/markets, product(s), partners and customers.

To strengthen existing relationships and to attract new customers and thus for the sustainable development of new markets we promote a fair and cooperative approach in all areas of sales and marketing as well as a collaborative work on challenging products and solutions (hardware and software), well adapted to the market needs.

Both our corporate philosophy and our ethical orientation entail that NetBasis International strategically focus on a limited number of qualified manufacturing partners who are not in competition within the industry. Because we give joint development and synergetic collaboration within the group preference over unproductive competition.

All this provides security for each new partner and is part of the package that we offer to you if you decide to work with us.

NetBasis International - drive to excellence with excellent drivers !