Strength through
partnership !


In the very moment words like "international" or "abroad" appear in any of your business thoughts and/or dealings, the ensuing exchanges will usually not be simple. Innumerable problems may occur and affect your schedule, bottom line and sanity, such as language barriers, less-than-trustworthy situations, sometimes time differences, and/or the inability to be there in person to see what is really going on.

NetBasis International is an established and experienced import management company and thereby your go-between that saves you from any potentially business-ending errors as you deal internationally.

Our international manufacturer partners profit from our knowledge and established presence in the DACH markets. As their importer we bring them in contact with all relevant local sales companies and organizations in only one step. Launching an outstanding product and/or solution can be so much easier with the right contacts and connections.

Our local distributor partners like the idea of a partnership with a local company, NetBasis International, by simultaneously and instantly having access to wide range of products and solutions of different foreign manufacturers.

NetBasis International is proud to already be associated with a number of important noncompetitive manufacturers in their business fields.

NetBasis International - drive to excellence with excellent drivers !