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Business Presence

For many companies, entering new markets as well as their successful development involves considerable time and effort. Also, the sensitivities, different views and/or expectations of potential international business partners, who prefer to have a local contact person speaking their language and being familiar with their life habits, their country's law and their trade practices, are regularly underrated. Lack of market, country and language skills, and lack of human and/or financial resources thus represent considerable hurdles.

Here, NetBasis International helps with its service "business presence" as a link between your company and the new markets, to effectively overcome all sorts of difficulties and/or obstacles.

With a local commercial presence and address in Düsseldorf - not only introducing your company’s name and giving you a local telephone number and contact person, but also doing YOUR complete local (and international) business in YOUR name – you will be excellently and cost-effectively positioned.

Your benefit from our Business Presence services include:

  • Minimization of cost, effort, time and risk
  • No need for your own legal presence in the field
  • Direct market entry opportunities
  • Favorable opportunity for a market and product test
  • No separate need for personnel
  • More efficient follow-up with existing contacts
  • Relief of your own export department
  • No language barriers, direct and simple communication
  • Instant access to databases and mailing lists as well as integration into networks
  • Best getting into business and/or transition to your own local branch

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