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Lead Generation

Since 2014 NetBasis International NetBasis International support its partner LeadDoubler in marketing their web-based "marketing automation software". With this software, particularly with the tools "Landing Page" and "Online Calculator", it is extremely easy to generate high quality leads on the basis of an active dialogue.

With LeadDoubler you are able to put first interactive lead generating flows online in minutes enabling you to test the market and your target group fast and cost-efficiently. Then you evaluate, optimize and reinvent the results until you created enough lead generating flows to meet your sales targets.

Online Calculator

Online Calculator

  • Generate leads with your own calculator
  • Created using your own Excel spreadsheet
  • Responsive design
  • Can be embedded into your website or run alone
  • Works also on mobile devices
  • Lead capturing, statistics and free templates included
  • fully customizable

Landing Page

  • Generate leads with your own landing page
  • Edit all text elements on the page
  • Publish on your own subdomain
  • Upload pictures, videos etc.
  • Fully customizable
  • Launch from scratch in less than 3 min.

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