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Training & Coaching

Whether it is the general definition of the strategy and structures to drive and manage such a business, or it is the focus on clearly defined project descriptions, with agreed milestones, calculation of costs and return on investment, or it is everything related to the activities around sales and marketing, just to name a few items, a market entry project comes with a lot of essential and substantial subjects that require appropriate care and handling, if you want this plan to become successful.

It becomes even more difficult when everything should/must be made in a foreign market, in a different language, a different environment, a different culture.

If you as a manufacturer still decide to dare and to implement the market entry (primarily) alone and with our own personnel, NetBasis International nevertheless can supportively be at your side and assist you in whole or in special areas with individual trainings and/or coaching. Here, we deliberately focus on the transfer of knowledge and skills by working with individual employees and/or entire teams of your company within the meaning of your target. And, our demand on ourselves is to approach as flexible as required, to provide outstanding quality and to become your trusted advisor over time.

Your benefit from our Training/Coaching services include:

  • Preparative meeting(s) to establish training/coaching objectives/priorities
  • Definition eines klaren Zwecks und einer Vision, um Entscheidungsfindungen und zu ergreifende Maßnahmen zu lenken
  • Betrachtung aller für den Aufbau und die Entwicklung Ihres Geschäfts in neuen Märkten wesentlichen und wichtigen Bereiche
  • General situation assessment as well as problem(s) and potential(s) analysis
  • Understand how to develop your clear market entry strategy
  • Erstellung eines individuellen Aktionsplans mit relevanten und/oder zwingenden Zielen (Projektmanagement)
  • Market-driven product(s)/solution(s) and competition analysis
  • Best product(s)/solution(s) presentation (incl. self-presentation)
  • Findung des richtigen Modells für den Aufbau von Beziehungen zu potenziellen Kunden, mit dann folgenden Geschäftsabschlüssen
  • Customer acquisition, customer service and customer loyalty
  • Unterstützung Ihrer Mitarbeiter, ihre (Projekt)Arbeit effektiv machen zu können, inkl. regelmäßiger Nachverfolgung
  • Top team development and effective group/team management
  • Provide on-going strategic support to the CEO and Board
  • Durchführung einer Reihe von „Coaching entsprechend des Plans“-Sitzungen (persönlich oder telefonisch) inkl. der Festlegung von dem Coaching nachgelagerten Handlungsschritten

Why training courses, seminars and business coaching ?

Your vision of the development of (a) new market(s) gets a structure, well customized to this/these market(s), and a workable project roadmap that fits well with your overall corporate culture and ensures that your activities abroad will become a success.

NetBasis International - drive to excellence with excellent drivers !