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Interim Management

Various reasons can make the subject "Interim Management" significant for a company entering new markets. The strategic goal of the expansion of business into new countries should be independent from the existing operations. The task should/must be approached and fulfilled quickly, flexibly and accurately and is already scheduled to a certain time right from the beginning. The own adaptation to new markets and also the pursuit of a successful market position require specific knowledge, skills and experiences that cannot or should not be met by own staff.

Right here NetBasis International helps its foreign manufacturing partners to achieve desired or precisely specified foreign objectives within a concretely defined time window. In doing so, we do not only accept individual tasks Business Development), sondern – auf Wunsch – auch das gesamte Auslandsprojekt.

Your benefit from our Interim Management services include:

  • Immediately cooperators on site with minimal recruitment effort
  • Just the right objectivity for your international project
  • Just the right management experience and expertise
  • Just the right knowledge, skills and contacts
  • Focused and results-oriented work on your foreign goals
  • Simple contractual relationships due to short-term availability and termination periods
  • No rivalry with internal management
  • Staff development effects (depending on the project)
  • Absolute visibility of costs and our compensation

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